Rinat Kraken Lethal PRO Goalkeeper Gloves Your name Free!

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$ 90.00 USD
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Proveedor : RINAT

Product Type : Goalkeeper Gloves

Sku : 1KRLEPAA50-109-221

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Rinat  Kraken Lethal PRO

Goalkeeper Glove


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One of the most innovative and robust models of the brand returns with improvements and a new German formulation latex that will give you even more confidence to face any challenge in your position.

Backhand: Unified piece of latex with high embossing to provide it with volume, cushioning and body. This new structure guarantees protection in key areas of the knuckles for the fist blocks.
All this mounted on a base of highly breathable textile and neoprene with 3D embossing and reliefs that facilitate flexion and transpiration.
Lightweight, wear-resistant materials have been used to ensure maximum performance
Cut: Hybrid combination of Rollfinger and Ergonomic. An improved version of our Ergo-Roll cut, it is extremely comfortable and ergonomic with very pronounced curvature on every finger. The palm is divided and armed with separate pieces of latex to make it more technical and innovative. The piece that connects the fingers and the palm is textile mesh with a gel application so no grip is lost while allowing for air flow.
Palm: Latest generation latex developed in Germany especially for Rinat with the principles of the same technology with which the tires of the aircraft and formula 1 cars are manufactured to guarantee an extreme grip even in rainy conditions. It has an unbeatable performance, perfect balance between grip top and resistance, the best in high-end wet latex.
Closure: High frequency embossed neoprene cuff with points of flexion for freedom of movement. External lycra opening for easy hand entry. Wide wristband with an elastic point, customizable textile section and latex in the inner wrist area. Velcro fastening for secure fit.

Recommended use:
        • All weather
        • High performance training
        • Matches
        • Natural Turf